Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Some initial relections on being resourceful.

I have been resourceful by looking back at the work ive done. ive spoken to my friends to be resourceful. I have asked questions and watched a helpful video.

I have been resourceful by asking sir question, watching videos and working in a team.

It is important to think abbout things more than once because if you only think about it once you may have thought wrong.

I was being resourceful when we where we highlighted and working as a team.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Students ethical agreement

 Students have been asked to come up with a set of rule of how we need to act during this project.

I can offer..

Students were asked to note down two strengths they could offer the group during this project. They then asked a trusted freind to suggest a third. If they suggested a one they themselves had thought of they circled it, as a super strength. If it was something new they added it to their list. The list of "offers" is now on display.

Monday, 6 January 2014

About the project

Following the students success in the Illuminated Texts project during term one, we are happy to announce the next project which will run within Science and Learning to Learn lessons.

The project is called Educate A Town ( E.A.T ) project, and the students will be challenged to write a book to promote healthy eating to our community. The students will learn about the structure and function of the digestive system, the components of a balanced diet, the role each nutrient plays in the body. The students will also develop their collaboration, communication and creative skills as well as practicing the scientific skills of analysis, working in a laboratory and writing like a scientist.  

We are most grateful to a whole host of volunteers who have offered to be profiled in the book. Each volunteer has been selected as they have a unique view of diet whether it be from a medical, athletic or particular health need.  Each volunteer has selected 6 items of food they would place in a healthy shopping basket, the students will then proceed to analyse the nutrients and write scientifically about their findings. We have also been lucky to involve a team of research scientists from Newcastle University’s Human Nutrition Research Centre who will help launch the project, answer student questions and act as experts during critique of student work. We are therefore hopefully that we will be able to publish a high quality book for sale by the end of this term.

An exhibition will be hosted to allow the students to share their experiences and promote their book and healthy diets to our community.

Launch presentation

This morning experts Dr Suzana Almoosawi and Ms Emma Simpson from the Human Nutrition Centre at Newcastle University gave a presentation about their work, what nutrition is and what impacts it has. They will return to critique student work.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Teacher model of book page.

The Problem- Children in the North East have above rates of obesity.

This news clip from the BBC, describes the current situation in the North East of England with an above average rate of childhood obesity.

This project aims to promote healthy eating within the town of Cramlington, Northumberland.

Watch the news clip here.